Monday, 24 September 2018

University College of Paramedical Sciences

Dear Parents and Students

Paramedical Science can be defined as a practice in the area of medical science that deals with pre-hospitalization emergency services. A person working in the field of paramedical sciences is referred to as paramedic. A paramedic is a specially trained medical technologist who provides a wide range of emergency medical care to make health care easy and effective. The courses in paramedical science make one eligible for various career options in medical industry.

I take immense pleasure in extending a warm welcome to you to the University College of Paramedical Sciences. As a Head of this institutional hub, I take great pride to introduce you about the college. We are producing trained paramedics here like OT technologists, lab technologists and offer both degree as well as diploma courses. We are equipped with trained and well qualified staff members of relevant fields.

Students are encouraged from the beginning of the courses to obtain scientific knowledge from their teachers. We motivate them to question, reason, learn and imbibe life processes regarding medics that are vital for human mind and body. The students should involve themselves in different hobbies and extra curricular activities for their overall development. I wish you the best in your future endeavours and hope you are able to make the most of your stay at Guru Kashi University.