Monday, 24 September 2018

University College of Basic Sciences & Humanities

Brief History

The University College of Basic Sciences &Humanities came into existences in 2011, has offered a variety of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. With time the strength of the students hasrisen from 400 to 1100. The college has retained its reputation for high academic standards due to hard work of well qualified and outstanding faculty.

The college has created a distinctive and inspirational environment that attracts a huge number of admission seeker from different states like Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. The materialistic rules and drug addiction have distorted the thinking of the youth in the modern era. Being located in the hub of Malwa region of Punjab, this college is channelizing the energy of the youth in desired direction.

The mission of the institute is to provide quality education to the students; educational enrichment of population belonging to the weaker sections of society and rural areas; to produce critical thinkers and responsible citizens and to convert potential into stable competencies and support self-development efforts of the students. The courses offered in the college are BA, MA (Punjabi, English, Hindi, History, Pol.Sci., Economics, Sociology and Religious Studies), M. Phil. (Punjabi, English, Hindi, History, Pol.Sci. and Econimcs) and Ph. D. (Punjabi, English, Hindi, History, Sociology, Pol.Sci. Economicsand Religious Studies)and these are receiving an overwhelming response.UCBS&H provides a supportive environment and welcome students from all backgrounds to enjoy the best of what Guru Kashi University has to offer.