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Grade Point System

The academic system at GKU, Talwandi Sabo is framed on a credit based semester examination system. The credit system envisages a continuous evaluation of student’s performance, and provides flexibility for academic progress based on individual ability and convenience, subject to the constraint of the minimum requirements for continuation of the academic programme.

The students are awarded a letter grade from the prescribed grading system in each course registered by them. For each pass grade, the students accumulate the course credits as earned credits. The academic performance of the students is indicated in terms of the number of credits that he/she earns and the weighted grade point average. A specified minimum number of credits should be acquired on semester or session basis in order to qualify for continuation in the academic programme and for the award of degree.

Credit System

It is a procedure of laying down minimum academic requirement for awarding Diploma / Degree. — A course credit (often credit hour, or just credit or "unit") is a unit that gives weightage to the value, level or time requirements of an academic course taken at an educational institution.

Abbreviations Used

  • LTP = Lectures, Tutorial and Practical
  • Credits Carried by the Subject
  • SGPA = Semester Grade Point Average
  • CGPA = Cumulative Grade Point Average


One subject taught for One Hour Theory (Lecture / Tutorial) or Two Hour Practical for 15 to 16 Weeks is equal to 1 Credit. — Example: - For a subject taught for 15 to 16 weeks with weekly load

3 + 0 + 2 = 4 Credits
Credits offered per semester = 23 to 30 Credits

Letter grade system

The 7-point letter grade system followed by the institute in assessment of student’s performance in a subject is as follows:

Performance Letter Grade Grade Point Value Per Credit Corresponding Range of Numerical Marks in Percentage
Outstanding A+ 10 90% and above
Excellent A 9 80% to 90%
Very Good B 8 65% to 80%
Good C 6 50% to 65%
Satisfactory D 4 40% to 50%
Fail / Detained F 0 (Zero) Less than 40% marks or detained in subject for attendance less than 75% (Less than 65%, if condoned)

Grade Point Averages

The performance of a student shall be evaluated in terms of two indices, viz., the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) which is the Grade Point Average for a semester and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) which is the Grade Point Average for all the completed semesters at any point of time.

Calculation of SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average)

k = No. of Subject in the semester

Calculation of CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)

l = No. of semester(s) completed upto date.


  1. A Semester having only theory and practical subjects may have 23 to 30 credits to be offered to the students.
  2. A Semester which is mix up of theory/ practical and Seminars / project / training or only project or training may have less credits to be offered to the students.


  1. To pass in a subject and get credits related to that subject a student shall obtain at least minimum pass grade (grade D) in that subject in a semester.
  2. For promotion from the 1st year to 2nd year, minimum 50% credits should be earned in semesters 1 & 2 together.
  3. For promotion from 2nd year to 3rd year and 3rd year to 4th year, minimum 60% credits shall be earned in semesters 1 to 4 together and semesters 1 to 6 together respectivaly, as applicable.
  4. For obtaining a degree, all credits offered in all the semesters of the concerened course shall be earned and minimum CGPA required is:
Sr. No Degree Minimum CGPA Required