Monday, 24 September 2018

Management Message

S. Gurlabh Singh Sidhu

Guru Kashi University is a cluster of premier institutions formerly known as GGS Group of Institutions, which fosters excellence in academics form the very formative years of education to the level of professional specialisation. At GKU, we pursue the mission of creating a better world by adding value to the lives of people. We lay a very strong emphasis on empowering the students by imparting skills and competencies which make them job-ready.

State of the art infrastructure, qualified and competent faculty, efficient teaching learning process, emphasis on co-curricular activities and a very harmonious environment makes GKU a place of enjoyable learning. We envision that GKU will nurture the pioneering spirit and zeal amongst the students by enlightening them with the world of knowledge and pursuit for perfection.I am sure all of you will join us in our mission of creating a better world.